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spicy coconut soup

As days become longer, darker and colder, as cold and flu is your every day companion – I make soups and stews with coconut milk and chilli. I liked to add some sweet potato and a lot of curry last year – this year my vision is slightly different.

First of all: vegetable stock. It doesn’t have to be intensive – you are going to add lemon grass, chilli and ginger anyways. Second: I do not boil my vegetables, I just serve my soup with raw veggies at the top. This is something I felt in love with in 2016 (besides rice noodles and tofu) – raw veggies everywhere. Mixing tastes and structures.

Now this soup is spicy but it will leave you with a creamy coconut taste at your tounge. You bite crispy vegetables and soft tofu by turns. At times, you will close your eyes full of tears because of chilli. F u n!



vegetable stock

lemon grass (2-3 pieces)

red hot chilli (pepper)


coconut milk (fatty! this one which you will see a cream at the top of a can after you take it from a fridge)

soy/tamari sauce (or fish sauce*)

natural tofu

rice noodles (black look more fancy)

raw: zucchini, chicory, ball peppers if you like

fresh coriander

chives (if you won’t forget about it)


As you have your vegetable stock ready: add lemon grass, ginger and chilli and boil it for a while. Then add your coconut milk and boil it again. Now it’s time to take off all of the spices. Add your sauce. Boil your pasta (in your soup), take it out on a plate.

In a meantime cut your tofu in small cubes, mix with soy (tamari) sauce and sesame oil maybe (or just vegetable oil) and fry shortly. Chop vegetables and herbs.

Serving: pasta – soup – tofu – fresh veggies and herbs – chives.





VEGETARIAN: same stock and veggies, with hard boiled egg at the top

FISHY: same stock, fish sauce, veggies and white fish (cod will be puurfect!)

MEATY: same stock, fish or tamari sauce, add chicken just after you will take out your spices


I state that January is going to be a Month of the Soup. New recipe coming next week!


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