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Not Just A Food


Hello, my old friends! I know it’s been a while since posted anything here. Aand, my life has changed pretty much since then. With the end of last year (2017), together with my husband, we have packed our stuff, closed / sold / give away *few* things and started our journey. We came through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan to Canada. And yes, we are still here. Hopefully, for the next couple of years. 

In a meantime (to not even mention all the things that actually HAD happened in a meantime) I finally signed up for Toastmasters. As I’m preparing my speeches, this idea came to my mind. That maybe – I don’t know, it’s just a feeling – that MAYBE I should post all my speeches here? This blog, for me, was always a kind of my-progress-sketch line, a place where I can see how I have developed my skills and / or myself. Why should I share my progress on public speaking here, right? Yes, so there we go. 

My first speech -usually called the Ice Breaker – took place 5th of December 2018. In my Toastmasters Club in Toronto, Canada. 

Not Just A Food

I remember these late evenings. When home was all in dark, not counting the soft light in the kitchen. Everyone was asleep, besides me and my Mom, cooking together. Or,  I should say: me watching my Mom cooking. I remember her hands, washing and peeling vegetables for pickles, her hands marinating gently a chicken, and then stuffing it. Her hands kneading the dough for pierogies. I still have her advices in my mind, and few recipes, and a huge collection of tastes which bring my childhood memories. 

„Each and single person tastes the same food in a different way” – she told me one day. And I don’t know, maybe you too have this kind of quote that you have heart once and still remember it very clearly because it has changed your attitude towards something forever. Well, this was mine. 

This quote was a breakthrough, a moment I realized that food is so much more than just a food. That, when spending your time on preparing meals, you share your love and care of your beloved ones. It’s not only about ingredients, it’s how much heart you put into it. For each and single one of us – the same dish can taste differently, can bring totally different memories and feelings. There are many hidden stories behind the food, don’t you think? 

Having this is my mind, I started my blog on cooking few years ago. I was creating my own recipes, describing how I came up with this idea, styling food and taking pictures. But the aim wasn’t just to put the recipes „out there”. My biggest dream at that time was to organize workshops with people. You know: to gather people together, cook and share the stories by the table. Like I used to do with my Mum.

For many reasons, I haven’t achieved it. But I believe that I have accomplished so much more. 

I remember this feeling that photos weren’t enough: I couldn’t show the real texture of the veggie I was using in a recipe, I couldn’t share this amazing sound that this fresh bread makes when squeezing it. How can you show the thickness of this amazing golden caramel, spilled over a cake by just taking a photo? It was more than three years ago when I got my first camera with recording options. I’ve started with my video recipes, I’ve been recording myself many times, talking about my story and body positivity and things that are important to me. Sharing my world with the rest of the world. 

But it was never about me. Just a moment before I push this recording button, I’m thinking about the person on the other side of a screen, watching me. I’m curious about other people: what they think, what they do, how do they feel right now? What are their memories that they will treasure forever? What are their favourite dishes? What are their stories? 

Today, I’m a creator of „emotional documentaries”, short films about people’s stories of a lifetime. Films about seniors. And with each one of them, I become more and more grateful. And humble. That I can be here and listed to those stories. And if there is any chance when working with them – I’m more than happy to listen about their favorite recipes! 

Thank you. 


I felt surprisingly good when giving that speech. I’m glad I did it and I can’t wait for more to come. Whoa! 


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