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leek potato soup

Here we go. Time of colds and flu, round and round. It’s a tough time for my beloved – I am troublesome. The longer I’m ill the more irritated I become – not only because of symptoms but mainly because I don’t do what I’ve planned to do.

So after two weeks of – by turns – working, working out and staying in bed for two days I say: eat vegetable soups and get some natural probiotics. I will make a note about that, probably, today we continue our Soup-January-Thing.

Now this soup, this is something I made during my studies. At that time I was eating a lot of dairy and I mixed leek with potatoes and creamy cheese. As you follow me for some time you know that I don’t eat dairy (neither gluten) for almost two years now and this is the main reason why I came up with new taste combinations so often. But not just me, lately. Cooking with vegan ingredients and products is something which my boyfriend liked a lot and, actually, he is the one who created this recipe:



3-4 leeks

few potatoes

coconut oil

coconut milk

salt, pepper

– the most important thing you start with is: you fry leek, not potatoes. I know, it would be faster if we will start with potatoes but the truth is that leek will give all the taste to the soup after you fry it on coconut oil. Then you add potatoes – my boyfriend claims it’s better to add them in the same amount as leeks or even a little bit less. In the end – it’s a leek potato soup, right? Then add water and coconut milk, remembering that milk will make it sweeter. Salt, pepper and mix using food processor.

Few more things: it doesn’t really matter what kind of potatoes you use. We usually don’t peel them so the soup ends in that mustard colour. And: if you want to keep the green colour – boil it without a cover.


leek soup


Stay healthy!



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