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gluten free romantic dinner

It’s been awhile but I’m back now – with a story or two. About relationships. And – I swear! – it’s not because it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow (but you can use this recipe for that occasion as well).

I used to know a guy with a big heart who I once asked about the secret of successful relationship. He said: “regard”. At that time I knew nothing about fine relationship – I was wandering myself – so how could I create something good with other person? I was just watching others doing their things, listening, conversating and trying to understand.

A few years later, when together with my M we were trying to figure out how to keep us together despite distance relationship, I remind myself words of my Mum. She keeps saying that the most important thing between two people is a regard, respecting that person no matter what. My Dad always agrees with her in that. They are successfully together for more than 30 years now.

Seriously. Relationship is not #couplegoals you see on the Instagram. These are not sweet selfies in nice clothes and poses. Relationship is not those special occasions like Valentine’s day, birthday or engagement anniversary. Relationship is the every day effort you make. It means all those silent moments when your world is going to an end and you both don’t know what to do. All those busy days when you think about all the stuff you have to do but still have this need to spend at least short moment with him – to smell him and hug him. All those moments when you – both screaming on each other – hear this voice in your head telling you “stay”. When you are so angry at him and you don’t want to talk with him anymore but still – you make your move hoping to make it up because you don’t want to lose any more minute being angry at him.

And then you realise that you have your fourth anniversary and you both are so proud of it! You enjoy it and want more and more,  want to stay together always, for how long it is given to you.


fot. Kamila Golebiewska /
fot. Kamila Golebiewska /


Today’s recipe is: pasta. Because we both like it and we miss it a lot since we go gluten free. Also: I finally found really good gluten free pasta! Barilla, spaghetti, I highly recommend it. You can see it in a video below with two super simple recipe ideas: for vegan lasagne and the-quickest-pasta-in-the-world.


it’s super easy (so everyone can make it even if there is no much time left) and light (surely) 


gluten free spaghetti pasta

cashews, handful (or two if you skip plant based cream)

plant based (oat) cream 

nice mushrooms

garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice

fresh parsley (or dill, depends on you)


Boil pasta following the box instructions. Fry your mushrooms (you can add some onions), spice with salt and pepper. In a meantime mix cashews with lemon juice (1-2 tbsp for a handful of nuts), garlic, salt, pepper and warm water OR oat cream. Oat cream makes it more sweet to just have it in your mind before adding it too much.

Serve with a bunch of fresh parsley.


Oh? My perfect Valentine’s menu? Hummus with roasted red ball peppers, pasta and white wine with bubbles. And dates mousse, with tahini and cocoa powder. Yasss.

Have fun!


PS / that photo of us made very talented girl, Kamila aka Viabirdie. Get the link by clicking in the picture!

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