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gluten free Christmas / vegan fish recipe

I was thinking about how to introduce you this meal for a week. Starting this post all over again, deleting, and then writing it again. To fully explain it, you need a little of background so let’s move back to the times when I was a little kid.

At that time my family used to have fasting periods pretty often: before ‘big’ Christian holidays but also on Fridays. There is a rule that you can’t eat meat but fish is fine (please, don’t ask me why, I see no logic in here).

My Mom, perfect housewife (when working full time) had few dishes that always worked fine on that days, kind of  f a s t i n g  e s s e n t i a l s, you know. And it was always: polish fish in greek style, cottage cheese and herring. For a breakfast and/or lunch.

When now I’m living in Norway and food tastes far away different than in my home country, I miss *few* meals. Just before Christmas, I miss herring and this greek-style fish. I decided to make my version, vegan version. With a gingerbread spice mix.



natural tofu 400-450g

lemon juice


coating: rice flour or garri (what is garri?)

– cut tofu into slices, spice it, dredge and fry until golden brown.


Now if you can’t/don’t eat soy – go for a  c e l e r i a c (root). Boil it shortly, slice it and treat just like tofu.






celeriac (in case you use tofu)

tomato concentrate

bay leaf, black pepper, salt

gingerbread spice mix – homemade! – no sugar in it!

raisins, handful

– grate roots, chop onions. Fry onions using vegetable oil and adding bay leaf and black pepper (no salt at this stage). Then add grated vegetables and stir for a while. Add concentrate (and some water) and raisins, stir. Add salt and gingerbread spice, turn off the heat and leave it.

In a big pot/bowl make a layer of tofu fish and then a layer of vegetables. Repeat until use all ingredients. Leave in a fridge overnight.

Eat cold. With a bread or without, with some groats or.. avocado. Yep, avocado.


Will you..?




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