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gluten free Christmas / poppy seed cake

Now this is something I really love yet I make it once a year only. This time I couldn’t decide which to make, so I made two recipes and discovered two things:

  1. poppy seed goes great with dates
  2. yes, it is possible to make gluten free yeast pastry. a good one!

Speaking about pastry:

There is a tradition to have one dish with poppy seed during Christmas Eve dinner. It is very often poppy seed cake, rolled one, but it my home we make pasta (specially shaped) with poppy seed with nuts and dried fruits. And then, we eat a proper cake the next day. Mom make a layer cake: with a thin crust pie as a base, HUGE amount of poppy seed ‘pastry’ and whisked egg whites at the top. Trust me: it’s a bomb!

As I found another bag of dried poppy seeds in my closet, I soaked it with water overnight and then:



juicy dates 

poppy seed (soaked&boiled)

grape molasses/agave syrup/honey


coconut oil

cocoa powder


Heat up coconut oil (2 tbsp), add seeds (about a glass) and sweetener. Chop nuts. Put dates in a food processor, add poppy seed and nuts and mix until it will be soft and sticky. Transfer into a pot/bowl/sheet, compress and leave in a fridge. In a meantime prepare a homemade chocolate topping with coconut oil, cocoa powder and sweetener (choose your favorite). After you make a topping, leave your cake in fridge overnight.




530g  flour (I mixed rice with tapioca and 1tsp of xantan gum)

2 tsp dry yeast

100g sugar

3 eggs

120ml water

pinch of salt

100/150g vegetable butter (mine is coconut + rapseed)



poppy seed (boiled&ground)

dried figs + fav nuts

dark chocolate bar

coconut oil or vegetable butter

sweetener (just like before – you choose)


Mix flours with yeast and sugar. Add eggs and water until you will get a smooth pastry. Then add salt and butter, little by little. Use vegetable oil to prevent pastry from getting dry, cover it and leave in a fridge for half a day or overnight.

Filling: heat up oil, add seeds, fruits, nuts, chocolate, sweetener and butter. It should be smooth at the end – you will spread it all over the pastry.

Divide your pastry in two, roll it out, spread the filling, roll it (see the video). You can either make small rolls either make a braid.

Bake 30 minutes 170C/338F.  Make a frosting until the cake is still warm.





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