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gluten free Christmas / beetroot soup

Now this soup is not easy. But it doesn’t mean it’s not good. You just need *some* time to figure out how to combine all those tastes together: sweet beetroots, bitter mushroom stock, sourness and spiciness. As always: it’s worth trying!

It reminds me all those extraordinary dinners on Christmas Eve I ate together with my parents and sister. After a day of chaos you finally sit at the table and try this soup (this is our first dish, always). You first catch a dumpling – bite it – and feel spicy mushroom filling. Then you go for a soup: sweet but bitter with this amazing smell of forest mushrooms. WHOA!



roasted beetroots

vegetable stock

mushroom stock (use dried forest mushrooms)

marjoram, bay leaf

garlic powder

lemon juice

salt, pepper

I used four middle big beetroots for two portions of soup. Start with mixing vegetable stock and mushroom stock, then add your beetroots and herbs – boil it for a while and.. mix using food processor. Now the most difficult part begun: add mushroom stock little by little and spice soup with garlic, lemon, salt and pepper. The final taste should be something-between-sweet-and-bitter with a clear smell of mushrooms. But in the end – as always – this is your version of that soup. Just make it delicious!



Basic recipe for traditional gluten free dumplings is here.

This time I added some xantan gum – a tea spoon. Really, I see no difference. If you will mix at least two different gf flours (cassava and rice in my case) with a “glue” and by “glue” I mean potato or tapioca starch – as you will treat your flours with boiling water everything will work fine together. You really don’t need this extra ingredient. Not this time.

THE STUFFING is made of fried onions and mushrooms which you took out of your mushroom stock. Spicy with herbs and turmeric maybe? Cut our small squares and form small, well, we call them “ears” in Poland but you call them as you want it. Please watch the video to get some instructions.

Boil dumplings shortly. Serve with fresh green parsley.


And yes: I am going to prepare this soup this year, for our Christmas Eve Dinner with our friends. I hope they will love it just like we do.



beetroot soup

christmas beetroot soup


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