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where have I been? Food 3.0 Event in Oslo review

I participated in a super cool Food 3.0 Event in Oslo on Monday. You can find few words about it HERE and HERE. I also highly recommend a documentary “Before the Flood” which you can find on YouTube. Seriously: if you are aware of what is going on with the environment but you still don’t what and how to change it – this is a time to watch this movie. And if you don’t know how the climate changed during last few years and you are still waiting for the sign – THIS IS IT.

Few ideas from the Event I believe in and support*:

EPLESLANG. It might seem weird but in Norway not all of people having fruit trees in the garden are actually using the fruits. So the company came up with the solution: they hire people for picking up apples from those gardens and they make a juice out of them. Soo local, right? Win – win option: giving the job for people and no waste in the nature.

BySpire – vertical farming. Growing herbs locally. If Norway is importing mainly herbs – why can’t we grow them here by creating perfect conditions for plants? The idea is to use less space by creating vertical layers in warehouses and growing plants all year long. You have to know that Norway has about 4% fields that are usable – that’s why we are looking for alternative solutions. Seems cool to me.

Food.Evolution. Going back to the roots. Biodynamic farming, you’ve heard about that? I remember all those calendars from home – my Mum used to use them when seeding (she still does it). Organic farming, without chemicals. Knowing the farm and – people working there. Relationships. Because food is never just a food.

I say: it is possible to eat simple food and not get bored by that. It is possible to use less dairy and less meat. These are small steps I’ve made for the past three years and you know what? It doesn’t hurt. It is all in your head. The attitude. It depends on you if you will make a list of products you can’t eat and cry over it every night or if you will find out that you still have a whole bunch of¬†products that are delicious and healthy, and you can create so amazing combinations – more than you can just imagine! It depends on you if you will be that person who claims that “one person won’t change anything” or if you will have fun with food like 31T (BIT) & Another New Design Studio and have a good impact on environment at the same time.

Why is it that we go to the shop and buy just one product because we want it so badly or – we just need this one particular product for a recipe? Why is it that we expect to have sweet strawberries in the middle of winter or we choose veggies without even thinking where they came from?

Don’t get me wrong. I love trying new things, new products and I really appreciate all those gluten free flours that are imported from all around the world. But. What I miss the most are markets with fresh vegetables and fruits. Those old ladies who woke up so early and came there to sell few vegetables they grew in their own garden. Taking care of them night and day. I miss eggs without this bloody stamps on them. I miss the smell of good apples and tomatoes, not apples covered with wax. I buy food in plastic bags and I don’t even have a possibility to chat with anyone about what they would cook using them. I buy food without any smell and I hope that this year I will finally find a farm with kale and zucchini and people who I could ask: “what’s your favourite summer dish?”.

The quality, not quantity. Eating seasonal and local food. This is we used to eat.

For now, I’m going to do continue my work. Creating simple plant based recipes which you can combine with whatever you want. This time: buckwheat and broad beans I found one day in foreigners’ shop. In a bag, no name on it.



buckwheat – boiled

broad beans – frozen – mine were peeled

huge handfull of cashews

1 tbsp of coconut milk

fresh dill, fresh mint

small tooth of garlic

olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice


Transfer broad beans (frozen) on a dry pan and fry until at least few of them will become golden brown (partly) (10/15 minutes). Add salt and pepper.

Using a food processor mix cashews with coconut milk, garlic, lemon juice and warm water. Then add dill and salt and mix untill  smooth. It will be a little bit sweet which makes it a perfect sauce for salted beans.

Serve buckwheat with dill sauce, with broad beans at the top. Olive oil and fresh mint as a final touch.


Sometimes, when making simple food, all you need is to add fresh herbs. Or good spices. It makes all the difference.

Have fun!


* All those companies are Startups. If you want to support them (not only financially) – click the links and contact them. They are open minded people with great ideas. Good People.


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