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Fat Thursday – no gluten, no dairy

For those of you who don’t know it: folks in Poland celebrate Carnival by making parties and food. This Thursday is the last one before long period of fasting till Easter  (that’s tradition but not a lot of people still do that). So today we eat donuts, dry crispy cakes and all those fried fatty cookies. As it happened that I live in Norway – there is a similar tradition – fastelavnssøndag – on Sunday. Then people eat sweet rolls with whipped cream. It seems like I can’t run away from this tradition! Now let’s talk about those cakes!

I don’t like donuts and don’t make/buy/eat them at all (#sorrynotsorry). But dry cakes! Dry cakes (also known as angel wings) – this is a completely different story! There is lithuanian recipe: a huge cone made out of dry cakes with a topping of honey, nuts and poppy seed. Trust me: you want to try it! If you will s o m e h o w end up one day in the north-eastern part of Poland – go to Punsk and ask people about ‘mrowisko’. Got it?

I didn’t plan making any sweets for this occasion this year. Really. But I saw a picture of those Crispy Stars HERE and I remind myself I have this special star-shaped form! And I actually never ever used that! So I found THIS recipe made by Ania, I’ve changed flour for gluten free miks of flours, I’ve exchanged milk with a plant based one and add dates syrup instead of sugar. C’mon! It’s super easy!



3/4 cup of gluten free flours: rice + potato starch (2:1)

pinch of salt

2/3 tbsp of dates syrup (or grape molasses, or agave)

1 egg

1/2 cup of plant based mylk 

vanilla flavour


Mix flours with salt, add syrup and egg. Add mylk little by little, when mixing everything together. Batter will be similar to crepes batter. Mine was thicker (I used almost whole cup of flour) but it still end up great.

Now, you need something like this in order to fry your Stars:


Use small pot – heat vegetable oil in it (about 5cm high). Heat your form as well, in oil, but then take off all the extra oil. Now: drown your form in a batter (half of its high) and transfer it into the hot oil. Fry for about 20 seconds (until it become golden brown). You have to help yourself taking it off from the form: use small fork or spoon. If the batter is gluing the form – the oil is probably not hot enough. If the batter is going off from it – there is too much oil left on a form.

They are very very crispy! Sprinkle them with sugar and enjoy them!



that I made using Jadlonomia’s recipe. Well, I’ve changed it because the first donuts were just too hard. 


1/4 of fresh yeast (package 50g)

100 ml of warm plant based mylk

2 cups of gf flour: rice + potato starch + dark millet (2:1:1)

pinch of salt

2-3 tbsp of dates syrup (carob/grape molasses/ agave)

2 bananas – puree

1-1,5 tbsp of vegetable butter (rapeseed + coconut in my case)

warm water


Mix yeast with mylk – let it stay in a warm place for awhile (it will start bubbling). In a bowl mix flours, salt, syrup and add your year-mylk mixture as it will be ready. Then add some water (1/3 cup). Add banana puree – mix everything. Add butter – mix everything. Now: if the batter is too hard/thick – add more water. Mine was sticky but pretty solid but it still had some space to breathe, if you know what I mean. Leave it for about an hour in a warm place. Form balls (or donuts – add some flour if it’s too sticky) – important! – cover them with some vegetable oil, and bake for about 20 minutes 180C.

They are super soft inside (but not raw) and super very crispy at the top. And you won’t feel any banana flavour!

I highly recommend it,

Kat Anielak


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