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creamy beetroot soup (no coconut milk)

– M, what do you think I could prepare for Cooking Wednesday? I feel like to eat tomato soup..

– Make a beetroot soup. I would love to eat a beetroot soup!


And so I made a beetroot soup, with roasted beetroots and some tomato concentrate. Creamy but without coconut milk. Soup itself is spicy but with cashew cream and parsley oil it ends up as a perfect combination.

I don’t know what lifestyle you have: are you a diligent student always in rush, or maybe you come back home from work and you think about quick-to-make dinner, or maybe you are a super mother who usually eats cold. Or maybe – you are this lucky person and you have time to enjoy your meals? One I know for sure: this soup is equally delicious warm and cold. As it is warm cashew cream melts a little bit, and when it’s cold – it’s like this cold beetroot soup (polish one I guess) in winter edition.

So. If you won’t manage to eat this soup warm, because it’s so beautiful that you just have to take at least few photos and publish them immediately on Intagram, and maybe make some Insta Stories – don’t ya worry! – the taste will compensate it.



roasted beetroots (roasted in foil, then peeled)

tomato concentrate

spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cayenne and/or pepper, bay leaf


– as you peel and cut beetroots, transfer them to the pot, add water and boil for a while adding tomato concentrate (1-2 tbsp). You don’t need to boil them long – they are already roasted – it’s all about mixing tastes together. Then add spices, salt and mix using food processor.



handful of cashews

lemon juice, salt, one small tooth of garlic

warm water 

– you don’t have to soak cashews. Just mix everything using food processor until smooth.



fresh parsley, oil/olive, salt

– mix using food processor, press it through a fine sieve.


See you soon!


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